Olympic National Park Nature Tours

Olympic National Park Nature Tours

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On the far western shores of Washington State the land rises up from the ocean floor and ascends to the top of the highest volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range: Mount Rainier at 14,411 feet. Washington is located on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire and is home to eleven volcanoes. The last volcano to erupt in Washington was Mount St. Helen in 2008 which was a small eruption compared to the massive 1980 eruption. Of the eleven volcanoes, only four are considered extinct and many have been active within the last 150 years.
For thousands of years the land of the Pacific Northwest lay dormant under massive ice sheets that flowed down from the north; pressing and scraping the land, these ice sheets sculpted and created the terrain we know today. In most areas the ice was 3,000 feet thick, but in some areas it was twice as thick. As the glaciers melted and exposed the earth, life quickly moved in, colonized and created habitats that evolved and followed the receding edge of the ice. The flora and fauna learned to adapt and survive as life slowly moved up to higher elevations. Today you can find amazing life of all kinds from seashore to mountain top.
Does it rain in Washington? Ah, well, yes and no. If you focus on eastern Washington you would say no, there are many parts of Washington that average less than 10 inches of rain a year and some only 7.5 inches (even Tucson, Arizona gets 12 inches of rain a year!). Western Washington is famous for rain, especially the Olympic Peninsula. Towns like Forks and south to Lake Quinault and Aberdeen average 12 - 13 feet a year, with records up to 15 feet and even more at higher elevations in the wilderness.
Because of such great variations of elevation and rainfall, Washington has numerous life zones and an abundance of habitats with micro habitats: Alpine, Sub-Alpine, Montane, Temperate Rainforest, Oceanic and Riparian in the west and Eastern Washington habitats include arid and desert zones, wetlands, lakes, scrub lands and the massive Columbia River Valley.
And what does this all mean? Bio-Diversity! Here are the stats: 515 species of birds, 140 mammals, 25 amphibians, 28 reptiles, more than 2,000 moths and butterflies, nearly 500 freshwater and marine fishes and 3,100 plant species (not including mosses, lichens, liverworts and fungi) and over 20,000 invertebrates in Washington state.
Now is the time to visit beautiful and diverse Washington and see what you can find!
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Birding and Nature Tours in Olympic National Park
We offer both single-day trips and multi-day tours for birding, photography and nature.  These tours can be either private or you can join an existing tour.  Below you will find info about our tours.  From the ocean to the mountains and the rainforest in between, there are five major life zones in this this amazing ecosystem!

Over 300 different species of birds have been identified in Olympic National Park.  1,450 different species of vascular plants, hundreds of mosses and non-vascular plants, 73 different species of mammals, 13 amphibians, 4 species of reptiles, 40 species of fish and more than a few insects reside in Olympic National Park. There is a lot to see and learn. Please contact us if you have any special requests. 

We offer two types of single-day tours: The Peninsula Tour and the Olympic Walking Tour.  The Peninsula tour involves more time in a vehicle and the Olympic Walking Tour spends more time on the trails.  Both tours visit multiple locations in Olympic National Park. The suggested routes are to visit Hurricane Ridge on top of the mountains, where you will have good chances to see birds deer, mountain goats, marmots, chipmunks.  The Elwha River valley, is great for birding and wildlife viewing and is the site of the largest dam removal project in the United States.  The third location is a to visit the rainforest to see old growth trees and waterfalls.  At each of these locations, there are opportunities for short walks and if time allows, visit additional locations.

Pricing for “Peninsula Tours” and “Olympic Walking Tours” 
Full day tours:  1 - 2 people $330 and $45 for each additional person. 
For tours south of the Hoh Rainforest, there is $65 additional fee. All prices include 8.4% sales tax for the state of Washington and local sales taxes.

Included is lunch, snacks and water.  Not included: Olympic National Park entrance fee.  If you already have a pass, please bring it along.  Full payment is due 72 hours prior to tour and is non-refundable. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. 

Call us at 970-556-6103 or email us at KaiyoteTours@gmail.com to book your trip! 

If you need gear, we can supply it at no extra charge.  Just let us know in advance. 

If you bring your own gear, this is what we suggest:

  1. Backpack for your gear
  2. Rain poncho
  3. Bug spray
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Hat
  6. Binoculars
  7. Umbrella
  8. Wear Layered comfortable clothes. 

Multi-day Tours

Special offer:  Book a 5-day or 10-day tour and included with your trip (one per room) is a copy of the field guide “Sibley Birds West: Field Guide to Birds of Western North America” by David Allen Sibley.  You will receive this when you reserve your trip so you will have time to study and know the beautiful birds! 

We offer 5-day and 10-day Birding and Wildlife tours on the Olympic Peninsula and Washington state. 

Current dates available to join an existing tour:

May:  Good availability for most dates

June 12 - 16, 2019:  5-day Birding and Wildlife Tour, 4 spots left

July 15 - 19, 2019:  5-day Birding and Wildlife Tour, 4 spots left

September 12 - 16:  5-Day Birding and Wildlife Tour, 4 spots left

If these dates don't work for you, let us know what dates you need

5-day Olympic Peninsula Tour
The 5-day tour starts with pick-up at the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, which is easily accessible from the Seattle airport.  From here the tour will travels the entire loop of the Olympic Peninsula Highway stopping at all significant sites including Olympic National Park. Lodging options:  Camping at state parks or staying at hotels.

Click here for a list of birds we have seen on the 5-day tour

Prices require 2 person minimum for any dates not posted: 5-day “car-camping” tour at state parks is $1,325 per person. 5-day birding tour at hotels is $1,850 per person. Includes:  Food, gear and camp/lodging fees. Not included: Olympic National Park entrance fee.  If you already have a pass, please bring it along. 

10-day Washington Bio Diversity Tour
The 10-day tour starts with pick-up at the Bainbridge ferry terminal, which is easily accessible from the Seattle airport. The tour will start with travel in the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula and down the Pacific coast. From the coast we will travel east along the Columbia river and cross the Cascades just south of Mount Rainier. In eastern Washington, the tour will visit regional hot spots in the Columbia River Basin.  From the rainforest to the edge of the arid country side of eastern Washington, on this tour you will experience the bio-diversity of Washington state and visit habitats and life zones as diverse as the lowland rainforest, pacific coast, inland lakes, estuaries and river sloughs. Tour ends with drop off at the Bremerton ferry terminal.  Lodging options:  Camping at state parks or staying at hotels. 

Click here for a list of birds we have seen on the 10-day tour

Prices require 2 person minimum for any dates not posted:  10-day “car-camping” tour at state parks is $2,770 per person. 10-day birding tour at hotels is $3,450 per person.  Includes:  Food, gear and camp/lodging fees. Not included: Olympic National Park entrance fee.  If you already have a pass, please bring it along. 

Payment and Cancellation Policy for Multi-Day Tours
A non-refundable payment of $600 per person is requirement to reserve a spot on a trip.  Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure date.  If you are reserving a spot within 90 days of start date, full payment is required to reserve a spot.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and check payment. 

Kaiyote Tours is authorized by the National Park Service, Department of Interior, to conduct services in Olympic National Park and is licensed to conduct tours in Washington State Parks.

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