Kayaking and Activity Tours Olympic Peninsula Washington

Kayaking and Activity Tours Olympic Peninsula Washington

If you are interested in Kayaking and Activity Tours Olympic Peninsula Washington, please contact us for your next adventure.  

Activities:  Just south of the Quinault area of Olympic National Park, you will find the beach communities of Copalis, Moclips, Pacific Beach and Seabrook located along Washington's beautiful Pacific Coast. Our single or multi-day trips can include many activities such as hiking, birding, fly-fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding, relaxing in the hot tub, s'mores, campfires, morning runs and barefoot walks on the beach.  We have activity options that will make everyone happy!

You can book any of our activities as either a single day trip or part of our multi-day trip options to the Moclips Beach area along the Olympic Peninsula. You can book your own lodging or you can stay at one of recommended Moclips houses or hotels as a package deal. This location is just south of the Quinault area of Olympic National Park.  

Lodging:  We have lodging options which include small and large beach homes, located on the beach, that can sleep 4 - 12 people and just down the street from the beach homes are hotel rooms for individuals. Hotel rooms are on the beach as well and sleep 2 - 4 people.  The beach homes and hotel rooms are situated on Moclips Beach with fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and located just south of the Quinault area of Olympic National Park.  Or you can book lodging where ever you like on the Olympic Peninsula and we can provide activities for your group. 

Meeting Rooms:  Some of the houses have large enough living and/or dining rooms to serve as meeting and presentation spaces for small groups.  There are also larger meeting spaces at nearby locations.  

Photo Galleries We have two photo galleries below.  The first one is of some of the activities and below the activities, you will find photos of the lodging options in Moclips or you can book lodging where ever you like on the Olympic Peninsula and we can provide activities for your group. 

Pricing and Rates depend on:

  • Size of group
  • Number of days
  • Lodging choice: Beach House or Beach Hotel room
  • Types of activities

Call us at 970-556-6103 or email us at to book your trip!

Payment and cancellation policy:  At the time of reservation, a non-refundable fee of $20 per person per day is due. The remaining balance is due 3 months prior to the trip and is non-refundable. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks and PayPal.

Washington State is full of many interesting geological wonders that relate to the Pacific “Ring of Fire”.  Just off the Pacific Coast is the Cascadia fault line. This convergent plate boundary is about 600 miles long and is located about 50 – 70 miles off the Pacific Coast, running north to south from northern California to Vancouver Island in southern British Colombia.  When Washingtonians talked about the threat of tsunamis, it is the Cascadia Fault that will most likely create the most devastation for the area.

Geologic Records indicate that the fault slips on a regular basis, about every 400 – 500 years.  It is capable of creating massive earthquakes of 9.0 and greater and it is believed that the last time the fault slipped was on January 26, 1700, creating a massive tsunami that made it all the way to Japan.  Native Americans documented the event in their oral histories and there is local geological evidence to confirm the event along the Olympic Peninsula; part of the evidence is the Ghost Forest of the Copalis River.  When the earthquake and tsunami hit, the land dropped six feet and the massive flood of salt water created a marshland of dead old growth trees, which are still standing today and hence the name “Ghost Forest”.  You can explore the beauty of the Copalis River and the Ghost Forest by taking a guided tour and choose between a paddle-board, single kayak, or tandem kayak. 

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