International Birding, Adventure and Travel Tours Reviews

International Birding, Adventure and Travel Tours Reviews

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Below are comments given to us by our clients  

Catherine and Steven



Olympic National Park Summer 2019: Mossy Lush Green & Mysterious Forest - Don't miss the waterfall treks to see the beauty of these trails. What a wonder! And with guide and birder Kaiyote Tours... OUTSTANDING! Catherine and Steven

Paul and Ellen



Stockholm Christmas December 2018:  Many thanks to you and Ed for our spectacular time in Stockholm. Special mention to Ed for all his thoughtful help. Ellen and Paul

David and Lisa



May 2018, Northeast Iceland Tour:  Linda and I thank you for the great job of leading us thru Iceland. We look forward to seeing you again in September and in December. Best, David

Photo in Lava Tube


May 2018, Westfjords, Iceland Tour:  Lisa and I had a great time!  We enjoyed seeing Iceland very much.  All the meals and hotels were great.   The trip was a vacation but even more so an experience.  It was very relaxing to know you had everything taken care of!  Rod from Virginia

Thanks again for a great couple of days, we had a wonderful time.
Polly and Nancy, Olympic National Park August 2017

Science Instructional Coaches Omaha Public Schools  August 2017

We learned so much and all agree it was a life changing experience.  I really do hope to be back in the future.  I would love to have my family experience the beauty of Washington!  
Science Instructional Coaches
Omaha Public Schools 
August 2017

Aimee, Olympic National Park June 2017


I cannot thank you enough for an amazing 5 days.  Your support and encouragement helped me feel strong again and getting us up to the glacier was just the icing on the cake (or maybe strawberry pie!).  Aimee, Olympic National Park June 2017


 Thank you for organizing my backpacking trip.  I wanted to let you know I completely enjoyed the experience.  Ed is a great guide.  I was very grateful for his expert guidance and attention to safety and detail.  I learned so much about backpacking and the wilderness from Ed which is exactly what I was hoping for!  It was an absolutely beautiful, mellow, serene, and perfect trip!!  Sincerely, Marianne

Olympic National Park June 2017

Thanks for arranging two wonderful days for us.

Kari and Ed were awesome and really fun to be with. Thanks,

M. Suvall Olympic National Park Sept. 2016

Mount Hood Community College, August 2016

It was a great trip and I believe the students learned a lot about backcountry leadership. 

Thanks so much to you and Ed for your support.  
Mount Hood Community College, August 2016

Appalachian Mountain Club visit to Olympic National Park July 2016

We hope to return, usually don't go back to the same place for about 5 years but who knows, the Olympics were great, so much to see, I'd vote for sooner.  I will also recommend your service to anyone I know who is planning a trip out to the Olympic Park.  It was a pleasure to meet Kari and Ed and the car campers were impressed with your knowledge and how much fun it was. 
Thanks again, 
Appalachian Mountain Club visit to Olympic National Park July 2016

I cannot imagine how disappointing it would have been for our group to not be able to see the park, but more than that we all truly enjoyed hiking with you.  

Cindy, Olympic National Park July 2016

Wendy and Roger Iceland trip May 2016

We had an amazing trip.  We both completely enjoyed the Westfjords!  It is amazing.  As always you expertly blended our likes- hot tubs, hiking, exploring with Birding.  We had so much fun and have amazing pictures of many kinds of birds, and of course the PUFFINS! Yay! Thanks for everything! All our best! 

Wendy and Roger, Iceland trip May 2016

Anne and John, Iceland trip May 2016

We had a fantastic time and I have been singing your praise to everyone I know.  Iceland is such an incredible place and you made it so easy for us to enjoy.  Now I need to see tropical birds so I may consider one of Nicaragua trips and would love to return to Iceland.  If you have a newsletter or emails that you periodically send out please put me on that list.

Anne and John, Iceland trip May 2016

Joe & Holly February 2016

Thanks for showing us Nicaragua!

Joe & Holly February 2016

The best day I have had in a long time.

Gerald Walker, Olympic National Park

Anna Cannova Iceland New Year’s Eve 2016

We had a fantastic time on this trip. It exceeded all my expectations!
Anna Cannova, Iceland New Year’s Eve 2016

The Bogrow Family 2015

We can’t stop talking about our wonderful trip.  You were instrumental in helping create it.  Thanks again, appreciate you sharing your extreme knowledge with us.

The Bogrow Family 2015

I'm in love with Olympic N. P. The hikes you chose for me were amazing!  To have such a variety of beauty and have all of it being so close to each other just blew me away!  Thank you again for taking such good care of me. I can't wait to come back.

D. Harris 2015

R. Wheeler 2015

Thanks again for an amazing trip.  As I said to you on the trip, backpacking with you is so exceptional because of your huge depth of knowledge of everything we are seeing.  Without you, it would be “Oh what a pretty walk!” which would also be great but you make it so much more.

R. Wheeler 2015

Thanks for all your help.  You definitely went above and beyond! I’m looking forward to the next time, will call you again. 

P. Willits, summer 2015

Just wanted to let you know what a great tour you gave us. Your wealth of knowledge was inspiring. It was great to tour the park with you and learn about the birds and so much else – trees smelling like butterscotch.

Sincerely, Claudia - Valencia, Pennsylvania fall 2014

I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our hikes with you.  The first one was classic with you picking up dead elk bones and eating wild rose buds.  We talk about you all the time.

Ken and Lynda 2014

Mari Higuchi  New York NY

Thank you so much for the amazing 3 days!! It was my most amazing experience and this trip changed my life!  I will keep working on being as strong as people who carry one 3rd of their body weight to climb up the mountain and want to back packing one day.  I will definitely come back to Rocky Mountain!  Hope to see you soon!  

Mari Higuchi, New York, NY.

Joe Laszlo and Holly Love  Peoria IL  Iceland 2014

Great job!  The tour was better than we could have imagined.  Your guidance by gesture and smile was perfect.  Sincere thanks, 
Joe Laszlo and Holly Love 
Peoria, IL.  
Iceland 2014

Thank you so much for the great hike today on the Ute trail. Dan and Dan both had a great time. They both raved about the hike all the way back to Longmont. You sure knew your flora and fauna, the mountains and the animals that inhabit the RMNP.  I will surely recommend you to my co-workers at Intrado... Take care and thanks again.  
Jerry Wilke

I wanted thank you for the great snowshoeing hike on December 2, 2013. We really enjoyed ourselves and appreciated how you worked with the group's capabilities. It made me want to go again.  


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the tour with you.  If I vacation in the area again I will look forward to additional tours with you.  I have talked with several people who have been to the park many times and have never even seen a moose before.  That was awesome getting to be in nature with the majestic animal.  You also shared some beautiful landscape.  I also enjoyed the knowledge of plants and birds you shared with us.  

Steve and Connie

Steve Tripp Detroit MI Snowshoe Tour

We had a great time with you on our trip.  Thanks for being such an excellent guide and for having all the gear we needed.  
Steve Tripp
Detroit, MI.
Snowshoe Tour

We had a great birding event with you.  Thanks so much!!  
Bob and Nancy Mikle
Houston, Texas
Summer 2012

Just want to say how much I enjoyed our hike to the top of Deer Mountain last month.  Keep up the good work and carry on!! 


Rick Vetter and Joan Suther Argentina 2012

Sure enjoyed our trip with you. Looking forward to seeing you in the future!  I'd travel anywhere with you and can vouch you are a great roommate!  You travel so light you don't take up any space!!
Rick Vetter and Joan Suther
Argentina 2012

France was amazing!  Thanks again for such a great tour.  Loved the itinerary!  

Mike and Julie Holbeck 
Minneapolis, MN

JP Mondeau  Summer 2013

Kaiyote, thanks for making this possible.  Your training tips over the summer were invaluable.  You gave me confidence on the climb when I needed it most.  I doubt I would have made it to the summit without confidence in your guiding ability and encouraging words.

JP Mondeau 
Summer 2013

Noreen Sue and Ginny Summer 2003

We had a wonderful day, thanks to your knowledge of the trees and wildlife, and your patience with our many questions, as well as, your good humor in giving us extra time in the gift shop!  You have made our “Colorado Experience’ very memorable!  

Sincerely, Noreen, Sue
and Ginny

Summer 2003