Birding in Nicaragua

Birding in Nicaragua

Beautiful land of tropical forests, volcanoes, rivers and lakes 
Birding, hiking, surfing, wandering, exploring 
Sandy beaches and oceans waves
Gallo pinto and Toña 
Ring of Fire 

Nicaragua is one of our favorite places!  Active volcanoes, a wild Pacific coast and Tropical Rainforests full of Birds and Monkeys and all sorts of interesting creatures.  Granada is the oldest city in the Americas having been established in 1524.

If birding is your desire, in Nicaragua we bird constantly. If you choose, you can join us for daily birding marathons from sunup to check the early birds to well after dark in search of nightjars and owls. We usually see about 200 different species of birds on each trip. But if you would like to travel to Nicaragua for the love of nature and culture, you will have many other options for activities every day.  We can cater each day for your perfect trip. 

We have five trips to Nicaragua each year; three trips in February and two trips in March.  Each trip is 10 days long and all trips offer great opportunities for birding, hiking and relaxing.  

The February “Cloud Forest” and “Rain Forest” tours, travel to places that are more remote than the November trips.  In February, the places we stay at are isolated and we eat most of our meals at the lodges where we are staying. We really get to know the wonderful staff and local nature guides at these places.  All of the lodges have hiking trails.  The “Volcanoes” tour is a great combo of nature and culture.  You will really get to know Nicaragua on this tour. We visit both rural communities and historic colonial cities. 

The March “Pacific” and “Caribbean” tours, travel along the water.  The “Pacific” tour visits several estuaries and inland forest for birding and nature exploring and of course the coastal beach is great for walking and swimming.  On the “Caribbean” tour there are great birds to see, but the main focus is snorkeling and beach wandering.  The water of the Caribbean Islands is warm and beautiful.

On all trips you will see, learn and experience amazing things whether you are a birder, hiker or simply love nature and travel.   You will see birds, monkeys, horses, dogs, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fish, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lake, valleys, waterfalls, forests, boats and Nicaraguan culture, art and history.